FRCR 2B Course

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Why this course?



Week 1 - Introduction - mock Vivas - see where people are at. Go through general tips and tricks of the exams.

Week 2 - Go through any questions have about the mock papers + group viva sessions.

Week 3 - Viva session and review of mock papers if there are any questions or specific topics

Week 4- Go through any subjects that people are finding difficult and review of any mock answers/questions+ Final vivas

You can request your money back at any point during the next few weeks and full refund will be given.


I would only ask for you to tell me what could have been better so I can work on it for the next cohort of people that request FRCR 2B help

Package Contents

FRCR 2B Flash Cards
Dr Imran Lasker
FRCR 2B Course
Dr Imran Lasker

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